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Standard Room

  • Max Occupancy: 2 Person(s)
  • Size: 46.79sqm / 503.69sqf
  • View: City

Junior Suites Sea View

  • Max Occupancy: 2 Person(s)
  • Size: 69.95sqm / 752.99sqf
  • View: City

Suites With Balcony

  • Max Occupancy: 2 Person(s)
  • Size: 68.90sqm / 741.66sqf
  • View: City

Deluxe Double Room

  • Max Occupancy: 2 Person(s)
  • Size: 45.48sqm / 489.60sqf
  • View: City

Deluxe Double Balcony/Sea View

  • Max Occupancy: 2 Person(s)
  • Size: 45.67sqm / 491.67sqf
  • View: City

Suites With Balcony/Sea View

  • Max Occupancy: 2 Person(s)
  • Size: 68.90sqm / 741.66sqf
  • View: City

Special Offers

  • Max Occupancy: 2 Person(s)
  • Size: 35-40sqm / 375-430sqf
  • View: City

Prestige Breeze Bar @ Rooftop

On the 5th floor of Prestige Suites Hotel, is the trendy Prestige Breeze Bar which offers guests an opportunity to admire the breathtaking 360 degrees views of Accra while enjoying a cocktail, soft drink or juice, or indulge in some meals from the hotel menu. Offering many surprises in a refined ambiance, the Breeze Bar can host a variety of special events and celebrations. Speak to us about holding a private event at our terrace with our exceptional private Chefs. The space accommodate between 5 to 40 people for dinner and 10 to 100 for a cocktail or events.

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Ghana has a rich natural treasure made up of 16 National Parks, Resource Reserves and Wildlife Sanctuaries, which are open throughout the year. From the savannah of the coastal plains, the dense tropical forest and the grassland of the north to the life giving water bodies, which criss-cross the country, distinct wildlife abound.

Kintampo Falls

Kintampo Falls is one of the highest waterfalls in Ghana, with three distinct drops. In total, the Pumpum River falls about 70km – with the biggest drop measuring 25km. Due to its outstanding beauty, it tends to be one of the country’s most popular natural attractions. With plenty of shade and picnic spots, it makes for a wonderful relaxing day out.

Based in north Kintampo, the waterfall is certainly worth travelling to if you are planning on exploring the country before or after your visit to Kempinski Hotel Gold Coast City Accra. Something to certainly plan into your route, it is a sight that won’t disappoint. Nearby you will also find a monument that marks the geographical centre of Ghana.

Fuller Falls

Fuller Falls lies a short 17-minute drive west from Kintampo Falls, so be sure to pay a visit if you are in the area. Much less frequented, the area has a serene, peaceful atmosphere with both upper and lower falls to explore.

River Oyoko passes through here, and the flow of water is much gentler than Kintampo Falls. Calm pools are ideal for taking a refreshing dip in, a perfect escape from the hot weather. Just like the other waterfalls in Ghana, Fuller Falls is at its most impressive during the rainy season.

Tsenku Falls

Tsenku Falls is just 1 hour and 40 minutes from Kempinski Hotel Gold Coast City Accra. Our concierge service can make all the necessary arrangements for your visit to this natural wonder, which sits close to another must-see sight: the Shai Hills Resource Reserve.

Tsenku Falls is located inside Dodowa Forest, and a 45-minute hike will bring you to the incredible sight. Water cascades down a jaw-dropping 250ft drop, falling into a clear pool below. It is beautiful to observe, and if you are lucky you might also catch a glimpse of wild tilapia fish during your visit.

Boti & Akaa Falls

Both based in the Eastern Region, it is easy to experience both Boti Falls and Akaa Falls in one afternoon. The two are just 7km apart and are truly breath-taking to behold.

From Prestige Suites Hotel Gold Coast City Accra, a two-and-a-half-hour drive will take you to straight to Boti Falls. You can even drive there directly, or stop off at Koforidua and take a tro tro (shared taxi) to the waterfall.

The two Boti waterfalls are 30-metres high, and a descent of 250 steps will lead you to the best spot for observing the falls. Known as twin waterfalls (where one is ‘male’ and one is ‘female’), a rainbow is formed whenever the two merge (or ‘mate’). The best time to visit is during the rainy season, especially in July and August.

250 steps await at Akaa Falls too, so make sure to wear good walking shoes. When the waterfall is in full flow, you will be surrounded by water from three sides. A magical location, you can also stop off at Lookout rock for more photo opportunities.

The Tsenku stream of water continues before meeting two other streams known as Sanyade and Popotsi. Eventually, the three collide and merge before heading towards the sea.

Wherever you are, you’ll never be far from a beautiful golden beach in Accra. The entire coastline is dotted with beautiful sandy spots to relax in, where both visitors and locals alike can enjoy watching the stunning Atlantic Ocean waves crash against the shore.

From smaller unspoilt hideaways to urban sands filled with delicious street food vendors, great bars and local music, you are sure to find your idea of paradise here. Below, you’ll find everything you need to know about Accra’s must-visit beaches.

Labadi Beach

Labadi Beach, or La Pleasure Beach as it is also known, is perhaps the most popular beach in Ghana. Open to the public, you can visit whenever you please – it is particularly beautiful (and at its quietest) at sunrise.

For guests of Prestige Suites Hotel Gold Coast City Accra, Labadi Beach can be reached in just over 15 minutes by car or taxi. Sparkling azure seas and gorgeous sands are guaranteed here, but there is also plenty to enjoy along the shore. You will be spoilt for choice for lunch or dinner with the wide range of street food available. From local delicacies to continental favourites such as salads and burgers, you are sure to find a stall that will satisfy your appetite. Meanwhile, eclectic bars offer all sorts of beverages from refreshing juices to locally-brewed spirits and beers.

As for entertainment, expect to find everything from pony rides to acrobatic performances throughout the day. There is always something going on, even during the evening. As the sun goes down, you can dance to DJs or listen to local musicians performing around bonfires.

Bojo Beach

If you are looking to unwind in a truly peaceful setting, head to Bojo Beach. Unlike any other in Accra, upon entering you will be taken away on a small boast steered by trained professionals across a stretch of freshwater to the pristine white sands in the distance. With still water on one side and the Atlantic Ocean on the other, Bojo Beach offers an island-like experience.

Wonderfully quiet (especially mid-week) and very clean, peace and tranquillity are guaranteed here. Put your feet up on a comfortable sun lounger, bask in the sunshine and then head to the thatched shack for refreshments.

Bojo Beach is a private beach, so a small entrance fee of 8GH¢ (around €2) is required to gain access. To get here from Prestige Suites Hotel Gold Coast City Accra, a car or taxi is required. The journey, in total, should be no longer than one hour and ten minutes and passes the Densu Delta Protected Area.

Kokrobite Beach

Popular with travellers and a real must-visit for anyone into reggae, Kokrobite Beach is fantastic if you are looking for something slightly different. A lively spot, it is based next to the small fishing village of Kokrobite – just over an hour’s drive from Prestige Suites Hotel Gold Coast City Accra. Whether you wish to travel via taxi or car, the journey can be arranged for you through our concierge.

Once you arrive at Kokrobite Beach, you will quickly notice coconut trees are in abundance. Sample the delicious snack fresh, or stop off at one of the many restaurants here. Kokrobite Garden, Big Milly’s and Dizzy Lizzie’s are popular with tourists.

On an evening and during weekends, the bars here come to life. You will always find someone singing and playing a guitar, and Saturdays are known as reggae nights. Bands perform at various locations, and you can learn how to play the drums and dance to Ghanaian music with the Academy of African Music and Arts.

Coco Beach

If you find yourself near Labadi Beach but want somewhere more secluded, continue along the coast until you reach Coco Beach. A 35-minute car journey from Prestige Suites Hotel Gold Coast City Accra, it is a lovely place to spend a chilled-out afternoon.

Enjoy the sea breeze, make the most of the great weather and don’t forget to explore the arts and crafts sold by locals. It is likely you will hear residents of the area playing the drums too – a soothing sound to accompany your meal at one of the restaurants nearby. Dine on local dishes and don’t forget to try the seafood. If you cast your eyes out to sea, you may even see the fisherman returning with their next batch of freshly caught fish!

If you are planning a trip to Accra, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our friendly staff. They will be delighted to help you with any travel arrangements during your stay, and our concierge will happily provide you with any extra information you need about must-see sights in the area.

Batik Creation Workshop

Batik-making is a unique arts and craft experience in Accra. Learn how to make batik from Grace Adovar, the owner of Gracia Fabrics and Design, who has been making batik for over 30 years. Batik is one of the most popular fabrics in West Africa, and is achieved by a method of tying and dyeing fabric to create a beautiful pattern rich in colour. Grace is excited to share one of her most prized traditions while bringing out the artist and designer in you. She will take you through the intricate yet exciting steps to make your very own handmade batik creation, styled, soaked, dried and designed by you. Finish off your experience with a taste of local Ghanaian soup and fufu, a traditional Ghanaian cuisine.

The duration of this experience is 3 hours and it starts at 10am.

Tailor-made Shopping experience

Explore Accra’s market and tailor-made fashion. Accra is known for beautiful fabrics like kente and batik, drums, and craftsmanship that all tell a story about the Ghanaian culture. Tour Accra’s biggest market, Makola Market, with a textile expert and great negotiator, who will show you the ropes to get fair pricing and even a great deal! Your expert guide will navigate past Chinese replicas to help you explore the nooks and crannies that locals go to for anything from leather goods to vintage record shops. You will end this experience with a drum circle before meeting your local tailor to get some custom-made goods with your newly acquired fabrics. This tour includes lunch, and your custom-made goods will be delivered to Prestige Suites Hotel Gold Coast City Accra.

The duration of this experience is three hours and it starts at 11am.

Art Meets Fashion

Join our Accra insider, Sharifah Issaka, for an inside look at galleries and boutiques in the city. See why Accra was named “Africa’s Capital of Cool” by The New York Times while connecting with the people that make it happen. Sharifah Issaka is the founder of Kofie.co, a boutique design house specialising in high-fashion batik-print kimono-style robes. She is passionate about contemporary African art, design and evolving aesthetic in both music and fashion. She will take you to studios and boutiques run by some of Accra’s top and up-and-coming designers, and you will also meet some of the designers. You will also get to visit Accra’s galleries and discover the curators and artists making Accra one of the art world’s darlings on the continent. Lunch included.

Discover the Facts

Accra the Nkrumah’s City

With more than a city tour, see Accra through the lens of the first president of Ghana and one of Africa’s most famous and impactful leaders, Osagyefuo Dr. Kwame Nkrumah. Led by Nathan Otoo, a tour guide for more than 20 years with a passion for helping visitors understand Ghana’s journey to independence and continued push for excellence. Discover why African leaders and Pan-Africanists like Maya Angelou and W.E.B. DuBois were drawn to this city rich in history and culture. Visit the mausoleum which houses the history of Kwame Nkrumah and his wife, Fathia Nkrumah. Go beyond the monument and speak to people who understood Ghana’s golden age intimately; get insights into why Kwame Nkrumah was a powerful force; and see how his legacy lives on in present-day Ghana. This experience includes local snacks and lunch.

The duration of this experience is four hours and it starts at 10am.

Cape Coast Insider’s Edition

A tour of Cape Coast and Elmina castles is a journey back to a time which fundamentally changed the world. Your expert guides, who are passionate about art and history, will share some insightful historical facts with you. Learn about the slave trade, the significance of the castles, and the impact of this time in history on Ghana today. Cape Coast and Elmina Castles are two of the largest remaining structures symbolizing the last point of contact for millions of Africans who left the continent to be enslaved across the Americas. This experience includes a tour of the castles, a historical walking tour of Cape Coast, lunch, and a reflection and naming ceremony for those commemorating their return to the motherland.

The duration of this experience is twelve hours and it starts at 6am.

What's nearby
Parliament House Ghana 1.7km / 1.05633M
Osu Castle 1.7km / 1.05633M
Oxford Street Mall 700m / 0.4M
Accra Sports Stadium 2.1km / 1.3M
Independence Arch 1.8km / 1.1M
Koala Shopping Center 8.8km / 5.4M
The National Theatre of Ghana 3.0km / 1.9M
Kwame Nkrumah Memorial Park 2.9km / 1.9M
The Loom-Artists Alliance Gallery 3.2km / 1.9M
National Museum of Ghana 4.0km / 2.5M
Holy Trinity Cathedral 3.7km / 3.3M

Restaurants & cafes
Restaurant: Papaye 750m / 0.5M
Cafe/Bar: Frankies 950m / 0.6M

Closest Airports
Kotoka International Airport 6.9km / 4.3M
Top attractions
Ussher Fort and Museum 4.1km / 2.5M
Dubois Centre for Panafrican Culture 4.3km / 2.7M
James Town Lighthouse 6.1km / 3.8M
La Palm Casino 4.6km / 2.9M
Accra Central Mosque 6.6km / 4.1M
Marina Mall 6.3km / 3.9M
Kaneshie Market Complex 7.2km / 4.5M
Wheel Story House 0.0km / 0.0M
Accra Mall 9.8km / 6.0M
A & C Mall 0.0km / 0.0M

Closest Sea & Rivers
Ocean/Sea Accra Osu Ocean 2.4km / 1.5M
Mountain: Aburi Mountain 36.2km / 22.3M
Volta lake 0.0km / 0.0M
River Ankobra 364.4km / 226.4M

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We offer complimentary on the hour airport shuttle services to all our guests. Simply give us your flight details and we will be sure to pick you up.

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Customer care is our priority. Reach out to your customer service line for a variety of reasons, ranging from complaints to questions about PRESTIGE SUITE HOTEL with this in mind; We never call in sick. We never go on vacation. We are always on.

Breeze Bar - Roof Top

On the 5th floor of Prestige Suites Hotel, is the trendy Prestige Breeze Bar which offers guests an opportunity to admire the breathtaking 360-degrees views of Accra while enjoying a cocktail, soft drink or juice, or indulge in some meals from the hotel menu.

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Prestige Suites Hotel

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Our location is absolutely ideal for people in Accra for business, pleasure or Colonial Ghana history. In Accra, Osu is the place to be for shopping, night life, and entertainment. The great thing about Prestige is that we are very close to all this action that takes place on the main Oxford street but we are in a part of Osu that is a little more residential and quieter with much less traffic so your nights will be sound with the backdrop of the Atlantic Ocean views and sea waves.

We are right on Lokko Road in Osu near the night market. This part of Osu is primarily residential but has a good mix of eateries, and small businesses primarily catering to the local market rather than the upscale market which can be found 5-minutes away on the main Oxford street Osu road. This area is more traditional and closer to the Osu fishing beach which is still the life blood of the old community along with the clan houses and the Osu King’s Palace and the Osu Castle.


From the airport by private car:

  1. When exiting the airport go straight through the first roundabout to the main junction with the light. Take a left at the light onto Liberation/Independence Ave. going south to Accra city center.
  2. Continue going south to the large Sankara Interchange where you will exit off the main road and proceed to make your way onto Ring Road going to the East towards Labadi and Osu. At the first circle you meet Danquah circle you will take a right onto Oxford street.
  3. You will go down Oxford street past the major business district, past Papaye, past the Shell filling station and continue straight to the first traffic light you come to on the whole Oxford, at the light also know as Presby School junction you will take a left. You will go to the first 4 way junction and Prestige 5-Storey multi-colored building will be on your left right there at the corner, and you can park in front of the hotel.

By Taxi:
When hailing a taxi you can ask the driver if he knows VRA Clinic Osu, or Photoclub. If the driver does not know either of these or our Hotel, it is recommended that you take another taxi or use GOOGLEMAPs to navigate. From VRA clinic is just to the East of us on the same street. If you are
facing VRA clinic just to the left of the clinic is a historic church, to the left of the church there is junction we are just on the other side of the junction.
If the driver takes you to Photo Club, you will continue down this side road past Laramart and continue through one 4 way junction until you reach the second. There will be a historic church on your left and a tall building on your right. We are the tall building on your right.

Address:  Lokko Road, Osu, Accra, Ghana
Phone:  +233 30 292 3796
Mobile:  +233 57 770 0317